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the budget

Missile Man Pictures has currently raised $80,000 to produce Man Camp. 

Though considered impossibly low by independent film standards, we believe it will allow us the resources we need to create a high quality film while offering the best opportunity for a strong ROI.

HERE’S HOW IT BREAKS DOWN (approximately):

Above-the-line (Cast, Director, Story, Travel)                                   $20,000

Production (Equipment, Crew, Catering, Locations)                            $30,000

Post Production (Editing, Mixing, Coloring, Music, VFX, Sales)                $17,000

Other Costs (Legal, Insurance, Office expenses)                                $13,000 

TOTAL                                                                                             $80,000


    While these numbers appear very low, please note that we have been able to cut a substantial amount of line items from our budget through donated equipment, locations, catering/crafty, and time. The resources we'll be utilizing will be in line with a film being shot in the 100-150k range.


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